imageio.v3.imiter(uri, *, plugin=None, extension=None, format_hint=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Read a sequence of ndimages from a URI.

Returns an iterable that yields ndimages from the given URI. The exact behavior depends on both, the file type and plugin used to open the file. To learn about the exact behavior, check the documentation of the relevant plugin.

uri{str, pathlib.Path, bytes, file}

The resource to load the image from, e.g. a filename, pathlib.Path, http address or file object, see the docs for more info.

plugin{str, None}

The plugin to use. If set to None (default) imiter will perform a search for a matching plugin. If not None, this takes priority over the provided format hint (if present).


If not None, treat the provided ImageResource as if it had the given extension. This affects the order in which backends are considered.


Deprecated. Use extension instead.


Additional keyword arguments will be passed to the plugin’s iter call.


The next ndimage located at the given URI.