Read/Write TIFF files using tifffile.


To use this plugin you need to have tifffile installed:

pip install tifffile

This plugin wraps tifffile, a powerful library to manipulate TIFF files. It superseeds our previous tifffile plugin and aims to expose all the features of tifffile.

The plugin treats individual TIFF series as ndimages. A series is a sequence of TIFF pages that, when combined describe a meaningful unit, e.g., a volumetric image (where each slice is stored on an individual page) or a multi-color staining picture (where each stain is stored on an individual page). Different TIFF flavors/variants use series in different ways and, as such, the resulting reading behavior may vary depending on the program used while creating a particular TIFF file.



Check the respective function for a list of supported kwargs and detailed documentation.*[, index, page])

Read a ndimage or page.


Yield ndimages from the TIFF.

TifffilePlugin.write(ndimage, *[, is_batch])

Save a ndimage as TIFF.*[, index, page])

Standardized metadata.

TifffilePlugin.metadata(*[, index, page, ...])

Format-Specific TIFF metadata.

Additional methods available inside the imopen context:


Yield pages from a TIFF file.