imageio.v3.improps(uri, *, index=None, plugin=None, extension=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Read standardized metadata.

Opens the given URI and reads the properties of an ndimage from it. The properties represent standardized metadata. This means that they will have the same name regardless of the format being read or plugin/backend being used. Further, any field will be, where possible, populated with a sensible default (may be None) if the ImageResource does not declare a value in its metadata.


If the ImageResource contains multiple ndimages, and index is an integer, select the index-th ndimage from among them and return its properties. If index is an ellipsis (…), read all ndimages in the file and stack them along a new batch dimension and return their properties. If index is None, let the plugin decide.

plugin{str, None}

The plugin to be used. If None, performs a search for a matching plugin.


If not None, treat the provided ImageResource as if it had the given extension. This affects the order in which backends are considered.


Additional keyword arguments will be passed to the plugin’s properties call.


A dataclass filled with standardized image metadata.


Where possible, this will avoid loading pixel data.