PNG-FI Portable Network Graphics

Extensions: .png

A PNG format based on the Freeimage library.

This format supports grayscale, RGB and RGBA images.

The freeimage plugin requires a freeimage binary. If this binary not available on the system, it can be downloaded manually from <> by either

  • the command line script imageio_download_bin freeimage
  • the Python method

Parameters for reading

ignoregamma : bool
Avoid gamma correction. Default True.

Parameters for saving

compression : {0, 1, 6, 9}
The compression factor. Higher factors result in more compression at the cost of speed. Note that PNG compression is always lossless. Default 9.
quantize : int
If specified, turn the given RGB or RGBA image in a paletted image for more efficient storage. The value should be between 2 and 256. If the value of 0 the image is not quantized.
interlaced : bool
Save using Adam7 interlacing. Default False.