Extensions: .jpg, .jif, .jpeg, .jpe

A JPEG format based on the Freeimage library.

This format supports grayscale and RGB images.

The freeimage plugin requires a freeimage binary. If this binary not available on the system, it can be downloaded manually from <> by either

  • the command line script imageio_download_bin freeimage
  • the Python method

Parameters for reading

exifrotate : bool
Automatically rotate the image according to the exif flag. Default True. If 2 is given, do the rotation in Python instead of freeimage.
quickread : bool
Read the image more quickly, at the expense of quality. Default False.

Parameters for saving

quality : scalar
The compression factor of the saved image (1..100), higher numbers result in higher quality but larger file size. Default 75.
progressive : bool
Save as a progressive JPEG file (e.g. for images on the web). Default False.
optimize : bool
On saving, compute optimal Huffman coding tables (can reduce a few percent of file size). Default False.
baseline : bool
Save basic JPEG, without metadata or any markers. Default False.