*, index: Optional[int] = None, page: Optional[int] = None, **kwargs) ndarray[source]#

Read a ndimage or page.

The ndimage returned depends on the value of both index and page. index selects the series to read and page allows selecting a single page from the selected series. If index=None, page is understood as a flat index, i.e., the selection ignores individual series inside the file. If both index and page are None, then all the series are read and returned as a batch.


If int, select the ndimage (series) located at that index inside the file and return page from it. If None and page is int read the page located at that (flat) index inside the file. If None and page=None, read all ndimages from the file and return them as a batch.


If None return the full selected ndimage. If int, read the page at the selected index and return it.


Additional kwargs are forwarded to TiffFile’s as_array method.


The decoded ndimage or page.