class imageio.core.v3_plugin_api.ImageProperties(shape: Tuple[int, ...], dtype: dtype, n_images: Optional[int] = None, is_batch: bool = False, spacing: Optional[tuple] = None)[source]#

Standardized Metadata

ImageProperties represent a set of standardized metadata that is available under the same name for every supported format. If the ImageResource (or format) does not specify the value, a sensible default value is chosen instead.

shapeTuple[int, …]

The shape of the loaded ndimage.


The dtype of the loaded ndimage.


Number of images in the file if index=..., None for single images.


If True, the first dimension of the ndimage represents a batch dimension along which several images are stacked.


A tuple describing the spacing between pixels along each axis of the ndimage. If the spacing is uniform along an axis the value corresponding to that axis is a single float. If the spacing is non-uniform, the value corresponding to that axis is a tuple in which the i-th element indicates the spacing between the i-th and (i+1)-th pixel along that axis.


Attribute and Method Details

is_batch: bool = False[source]#
n_images: Optional[int] = None[source]#
spacing: Optional[tuple] = None[source]#
shape: Tuple[int, ...][source]#
dtype: dtype[source]#