WMF-PIL Windows MetafileΒΆ

Extensions: .wmf, .emf

This is a copy from the Pillow docs.

PIL can identify playable WMF files.

In PIL 1.1.4 and earlier, the WMF driver provides some limited rendering support, but not enough to be useful for any real application.

In PIL 1.1.5 and later, the WMF driver is a stub driver. To add WMF read or write support to your application, use PIL.WmfImagePlugin.register_handler() to register a WMF handler.

from PIL import Image
from PIL import WmfImagePlugin

class WmfHandler:
    def open(self, im):
    def load(self, im):
        return image
    def save(self, im, fp, filename):

wmf_handler = WmfHandler()


im = Image.open("sample.wmf")