Extensions: .jfif, .jpe, .jpg, .jpeg

A JPEG format based on Pillow.

This format supports grayscale, RGB and RGBA images.

Parameters for reading

exifrotate : bool
Automatically rotate the image according to exif flag. Default True.

Parameters for saving

quality : scalar
The compression factor of the saved image (1..100), higher numbers result in higher quality but larger file size. Default 75.
progressive : bool
Save as a progressive JPEG file (e.g. for images on the web). Default False.
optimize : bool
On saving, compute optimal Huffman coding tables (can reduce a few percent of file size). Default False.
dpi : tuplw of int
The pixel density, (x,y).
icc_profile : object
If present and true, the image is stored with the provided ICC profile. If this parameter is not provided, the image will be saved with no profile attached.
exif : dict
If present, the image will be stored with the provided raw EXIF data.
subsampling : str
Sets the subsampling for the encoder. See Pillow docs for details.
qtables : object
Set the qtables for the encoder. See Pillow docs for details.