ICNS-PIL Mac OS icns resourceΒΆ

Extensions: .icns

This is a copy from the Pillow docs.

PIL reads and (macOS only) writes macOS .icns files. By default, the largest available icon is read, though you can override this by setting the size property before calling load(). The write() method sets the following info property:

A list of supported sizes found in this icon file; these are a 3-tuple, (width, height, scale), where scale is 2 for a retina icon and 1 for a standard icon. You are permitted to use this 3-tuple format for the size property if you set it before calling load(); after loading, the size will be reset to a 2-tuple containing pixel dimensions (so, e.g. if you ask for (512, 512, 2), the final value of size will be (1024, 1024)).