EPS-PIL Encapsulated PostscriptΒΆ

Extensions: .ps, .eps

This is a copy from the Pillow docs.

PIL identifies EPS files containing image data, and can read files that contain embedded raster images (ImageData descriptors). If Ghostscript is available, other EPS files can be read as well. The EPS driver can also write EPS images. The EPS driver can read EPS images in L, LAB, RGB and CMYK mode, but Ghostscript may convert the images to RGB mode rather than leaving them in the original color space. The EPS driver can write images in L, RGB and CMYK modes.

If Ghostscript is available, you can call the load() method with the following parameter to affect how Ghostscript renders the EPS


Affects the scale of the resultant rasterized image. If the EPS suggests that the image be rendered at 100px x 100px, setting this parameter to 2 will make the Ghostscript render a 200px x 200px image instead. The relative position of the bounding box is maintained:

im = Image.open(...)
im.size #(100,100)
im.size #(200,200)